Personal Training

Refine your best assets, mind and body, with a total approach to fitness. Make the Mind Body Connection at "mbc". Our personal training programs will enable you to strengthen your body, stretch your time, relax your mind so you will feel and look your best. Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, recover from an injury or just sleep better, we will design programs that help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

"No other investment, appreciates like this."

Our training prices are divided into two categories: Master Trainer and Personal Trainer, to reflect our trainer's experience and education. Our Master Trainers have more than five years training experience, certified by a national organization and have specialty area credentials. Our Personal Trainers are certified and have more than one year's personal training experience.

                            Master        Personal

Private Hour           $75              $65

Private 1/2 Hr         $43              $38

Power Plate             $63              $58

Partner Hour           $47              $37

Partner 1/2 Hr        $27              $22

Group Hour             $32              $27

Group 1/2 Hr          $20              $17

Please call (630) 493-3000 for training rates and availability.

Personal Assessment is complimentary with any personal training purchase or $60 without training purchase.

5% Discount on packages of 10 or more sessions.

No other investment, appreciates like this.
Our certified personal trainers will do their best to make your goals happen!