mbc Pilates is based on the CARE system. Pilates is a series of exercises to lengthen and tone the body created by Joseph Pilates. mbc Pilates CARE is our unique system of movement awareness with incorporates the key components of Pilate's teachings including Core, Alignment, Reach and Exhale

Your center from which all movement occurs which includes all the muscles and connective tissues surrounding your spine. Tone your abdominals and strengthen your back in every movement.

The sequencing and suppleness of movement within our bodies. Correct alignment provides better posture, muscle balance, and reduces joint pain from our back to our knees.

The range of motion within the joints. Improved joint range of motion allows us to move more freely and smoothly. It improves our balance and reduces the risk of injuries.

The key component of incorporating our breath to help stabilize the spine and relax the mind. It reminds us to exhale on our most strenuous movements to gain better force output with our arms and legs. Training systems for Pilates CARE include private mat, barrel, stability chair and reformer sessions. Small group & partner training as well as "Mat Classes" are offered on a weekly basis. Our Pilates CARE programs are available for corporate settings in small groups.