At mbc you will find that it's a fun place to be. Not only will you immediately find a positive energy radiating within, you will be greeted by smiling faces. Our commitment is to help you reach your ultimate potential.

MBC Classes

Experience our diverse classes led by the best instructors in the western suburbs. Enrich your personal workouts with yoga, Pilates, cycling, strength training or bump up your fitness level with our best ever Bootcamp classes.

Physical Assessment

You're running on the court, walking the dog around the block or simply stepping out of the shower. Suddenly you feel a "pop" in your ankle area or a "locking" of your back. LET our therapists give you their expert opinion for your next move.

Welcome to MBC Fitness!

MBC stands for the "mind-body-connection" which is more than a fitness fad - it's a lifestyle philosophy. We have over 20 years in the training and fitness industry. We help you find the time and routine that will work best in your life. We offer Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga Fitness classes "pay as you go" or Membership.

It is our goal to educate, instruct, and motivate you to make fitness part of your lifestyle.

Our team

We'll help you to improve your skills and take your careers to the next level

Bruce Metcalf
Sandra Pouleson
Dave Mellish
Jennifer McCollum